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Writing is my love language. After years as a producer in film and TV, then eventually assuming the role as a director of non-profits in the sustainable ag sector, my objectives with writing changed. I found I had less time to construct novels or write poetry. My writing brain switched from the whimsical to the practical.

Over time my work in sustainable ag lead me into a career as an integrative nutritionist. I then found myself writing dissertations on wellness and tech-hygiene. Still, I craved the joys of creative writing. And yet, I found another way to funnel my artistic senses and this was through interior design. While I never pursued it as a career, I seemed to have a flair for decorating. Thus, I indulged my creative sensibilities in reading about it, beautifying my house, and helping friends with theirs.

I strayed, but writing is still my love language

In 2020, my mother moved to Bali. This was seen by many as a courageous and unique choice for an 82-year-old. She hadn’t been back to this island that once captured her heart for 30 years and she no longer knew anyone still living there. I thought it merited a blog. In an effort to get an idea of what blogs in 2020 were all about, I went sleuthing the search engines. That’s when I happened upon a youtube channel about digital nomads. The term caught my attention, and so did a blogging course sponsoring the video.

My mother was not interested in monetizing her travels. However, the idea of merging my expertise in wellness and writing to forge a career, (and from anywhere in the world) appealed to me. One thing led to another and I wound up launching a lifestyle tech/tech-hygiene/tech wellness, and interior design blog with my friend, Janna.

What I hadn’t expected was to have an aptitude for SEO, SEM, and content marketing. This was a new arena for me, but while the learning curve was steep, it seemed to come easily. I found myself drawn to this way of thinking and writing. And I soon discovered that I could stand out with my innate writing skills in an ever-encroaching world of AI-generated content (aka crap). I was frustrated that so many were offering AI that read thin, repetitive, dumbed-down, and often factually incorrect! My mission now is to use my knowledge, talent, and passion to rid the world of this mold called AI writing, one blog at a time šŸ™‚

SEO/SEM and considered with link building and content strategy

As my skills in SEO strengthened, so did my understanding of SEM, link building, and other facets of online content marketing. The minute I learn of a new website these days, I immediately rush to a diagnostic and think of all the ways I can improve its metrics. Thus, along with my team of tech and analytics experts, I help my clients achieve ranking and value.

I see all online businesses and almost every website as an opportunity to improve. In a way, when done correctly, this work is poetry.

 I have written content for the following clients:

MantelMount (DR 48)
Nebula (DR 41)
KBB Online (DR 68)
Living Safe Technologies (DR 46)
RoomSkecher (DR 72)
Spoak (DR 59)
Residential Systems (DR 68)
ProjectorScreen (DR 56)

As for PR that includes backlinks, in just 9 months, I have gotten the following mentions, inclusions, and links for Janna Robinson from: (DR 91)
Bustle (DR 89)
Design & Architecture (DR 38)
House Digest (DR 67)
Homes and Gardens (DR 78)
Architectural Digest (DR 88)
ProjectorScreen (DR 56)
The Spruce (DR 90)
USA Today (DR 92)

I dedicated time to in April, 2023, and have moved this new blog to a DR 19 (with traffic and value increasing daily) in a very competitive space. A good example of the power in keywords and ranking is a canning article I wrote for his blog that is currently ranking #1-3 after sponsored sites, and an article on dog housesĀ that ranks at #7 (first page).